We are an organization that loves, serves, and meets the needs of all people, without discrimination. 


We are committed to following the teachings of Jesus, who by example, loved all people, helped and served the poor and the sick, stood up for the forgotten, and valued people who were greatly looked down upon in society, all while spreading the message of God’s love for them.


For the past 20 years, we have devoted our lives to loving, helping, and reaching all people, regardless of nationality, race, lifestyle, economic level, or religious beliefs. This has included, immigrants refugees, asylum seekers, lower-income communities, addicts, those stuck in the sex industry (including sex trafficking victims), the HIV community, and also loving and reaching out to the LGBT communities.

Note: During COVID, this year has brought many challenges to our non-profit, our team, and our direction. We are in the process of starting new programs and outreaches to the communities listed above and more. Currently, we are mainly working with immigrants, refugees, and we are involved in helping those stuck in the sex industry. It is our goal, in the near future, to be working again in all of the communities listed above, so please watch out for those updates.