Kyle and Melissa Jenkins

Kyle and Melissa started Loving All Peoples (formally known as Vickery Meadow Ministry) in 2003 after deciding to move into the Vickery Meadows community in Dallas. They have worked among multiple international people groups, in multiple lower-income apartment communities, with people stuck in the sex industry, and invested in and built relationship with the gay-community. Their purpose and role is to build a multicultural team from different ethnicities and backgrounds for the purpose of loving and reaching ALL peoples.


Yadir and Ania González

Granted asylum to the USA in 2016, Yadir was a pastor in Cuba and his wife Ania worked alongside of him. They were instrumental in planting around 1,700 house churches in 6 different provinces in Cuba and that movement has now multiplied to over 10,000 churches. Their focus is on meeting needs and church planting among the Spanish speaking communities in North America and other Spanish-speaking countries. 


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