It is our goal and purpose to create a community of compassion and understanding towards all immigrants. Most immigrants come here as asylum seekers. By definition: An asylum seeker is someone who is seeking international protection but whose claim for refugee status has not yet been determined. Most of the non-refugee immigrants we work with are from Hispanic and Latino countries. Many came here legally and some do not come here legally. The reality is, immigration laws make it extremely difficult to get here legally. Many families face dictatorships, war-torn countries, and poverty, and to come here through the legal process could take up to 10-20 years. When families are in desperate situations, they do not have many options. Whether they came here legally or not, we consider most immigrants as asylum seekers, and work with all immigrants. We do not turn anyone away. Below are the programs that we offer that give us a way to help, love, and build relationship with immigrants.

NOTE: Because of Covid, all programs will be starting up in 2021.


Many newly arriving immigrants do not speak any English when they arrive in the U.S. Obviously, this is a great need.


Preparation for the world is vital for immigrants to be successful.


Donated food for immigrants in need.


Clothes are donated and collected for newly arriving immigrants.


We help immigrants form community with each other. Oftentimes, immigrants live in the same apartment complex or nearby. We help connect immigrants to each other for the purpose of support. This can be in the form of get-togethers, cook-outs, game nights, or forming new church communities.