I meet with a lot of people. Often times I meet with normal people with normal paying jobs. Sometimes I meet with CEOs or people who run their own businesses. I get asked this question all the time, “How can I get involved in reaching others or living for Gods will?” When I get asked these questions I am happy to share about how they can be on mission and reach people in their daily lives. That is where it starts. But there is another important thing to be involved in and that is Giving. Even just hearing that word feels kind of boring to say because we hear it so much. You may have even heard the term sacrificial giving. Let’s not even use that. This is different. Let’s call it, GIVING-IT-ALL-GIVING!

What I mean by that is this…what would it look like to not just give some money, but to give all of your heart to the spread of the gospel, in life, in prayer, in passion, and in giving? If we believed in the wonderful news, would we not do anything to spread it?

I think we can all agree that we are all called to be disciples. My definition of a disciple would be this, “A disciple is one who denies his own life and purposes in exchange for the purposes and will of Jesus.” If we lived this out, what would it look like for our life and what does it mean for our giving?

My hope would be for each one of us to realize that we all have the same calling to surrender our lives to the will of Jesus. We do this in our daily lives with the people around us, and with the money He has allowed us to have. Are our companies, our businesses, and our incomes really our own?  When it comes to giving, let us not just ask, “What can I give to this year or where can I give my ‘10%?” Let’s ask God, “What will it take to reach the unreached in our cities and around the world?”

The reality is that reaching the unreached is going to take more than one person giving, so when we ask the question, what is it going to take, we need to ask ourselves, what can we do to make it happen? We need businessmen and women to lead and encourage others to also ask the question and come together with a plan, and simply just go for it!

If you are feeling like your efforts will not really effect the world, it could be that you simply do not know what opportunities exist. I promise you there are numerous opportunities to give to in this city and abroad that would start works among unreached people groups. If I told you that you could help plant thousands of churches around the world among unreached people groups, would you be interested? I think most of us would. How exciting would that be! The problem is, we just do not know that those opportunities exist.

If you want this life and opportunity to participate in reaching the unreached, I would love to meet with you and guide you through what that could look like.  lovingallpeoples@aol.com or 214-507-8828

Kyle and Melissa Jenkins




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