We were doing some outreach around the Harry Hines area and we met this small group of people who live in a run down drug house. We have been to this place 3 times now. They WELCOME US WITH OPEN ARMS and have asked us back every time. If fact, I just got off the phone with one of the guys who lives there because he just wanted to call me and ask when I was coming back!

The last time we were there we talked to this group for awhile and just got to know each other. In the group was a man who is an alcoholic and who knows what else. Also in the group was a girl who is a heroin addict who we think is selling herself to get money for drugs. We spoke encouragement to this girl and saw tears in her eyes and then we asked if we could pray for them. Of course they wanted us to pray! We all held hands right there and we prayed for them. As I prayed, it hit me. Who is going to love and reach this group? Here we are, working on a street mostly known for heroin addiction and prostitution, in a run down drug house. Who will reach them and who will reach those like them? You know sadly and most likely the answer is nobody. When I hear these people speak to us I feel hope, but there is no hope without people going to hurting people and loving them.

After we prayed, they were making comments like, there are no churches around here. Well of course I know there is, but the reality is that the churches are not actively seeking out these kinds of people and even if they did, addicts most likely will not feel comfortable going. Who will reach them? Whoever is reading this, it is our hope and prayer that you will respond with a yes to go.  

We will continue to go back and pray for lives to be changed.




  • Kyle and Mel, I know you’re probably inundated with responses after you send out your email. I can’t put it in words exactly but I want to tell you that reading about the work you are doing and the obedience it takes to do it brings an incredible amount of conviction and encouragement to me. I praise God for your obedience as he is being glorified through you. Please know that Cindy and I take your emails and words to heart and are stirred by them. Yesterday I was sharing with Cindy some of the things that the Lord has been doing in my heart. Without going into great detail, I’ve been thinking deeply about the things that stir our hearts and it occurred to me, in a very impactful way, that it is not enough to be stirred. The stirring is not the goal. What I mean is that the things that stir our hearts are actually trying to move us in a certain direction. The stirring of our hearts is usually trapped in that moment, and then it’s gone, and I asked myself why. This is what I have been deeply thinking about. This is when I realized it is not enough to be stirred. We have to respond to the stirring. I said wouldn’t go into great detail but I want to tell you that your email could not have come at a more appropriate time. I have to respond to the stirring. I have to do it. It’s not enough to me to read your email, cry, see Jesus, think about Houston, and then read the next email. Cindy and I love you two deeply. I thank my Lord every time I remember you. John Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 21:35:25 +0000 To: johnhernandez333@hotmail.com

  • To Melissa & Kyle – Thank you. Do you know Wayne at Our Calling? He has resources for the people you are talking and praying with. There is a church called Crossroads (I think) that welcomes the addicts and homeless. Praying for open doors for the gospel — all of our Eternal Hope!

  • Hi Kyle and team,

    I pray God will continue to bless your ministry. Keep up the good fight. God is in control.


    Dave Hunt Coach, Disciple Making Movements CityTeam International 408-833-2974


    From: loving all peoples <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: loving all peoples <comment+pdkkrvih7ebi5ct2pz5h8cg@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 13:35:32 -0800 To: Dave Hunt <dhunt@cityteam.org> Subject: [New post] WHO WILL REACH THE ADDICTS?

    Kyle and Melissa posted: “We were doing some outreach around the Harry Hines area and we met this small group of people who live in a run down drug house. We have been to this place 3 times now. They WELCOME US WITH OPEN ARMS and have asked us back every time. If fact, I just got “

  • Amazing! You are so caring and you are right…WHO will reach out to these people? They have acknowledged their need for help in your conversations and their desire to be freed from their current difficult circumstances. Is it possible to visit one or some of the churches nearby and make them aware of these needs?

    Don Pearce

    Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 21:35:36 +0000 To: donpearce68@hotmail.com

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    In reading George Hunter on Adaptive Leadership he noted that we err in thinking only in terms of “attracting people like us only younger”. The vitality many churches seek in vain for normally only comes from when they begin seeing the power of the Gospel in seeing people powerfully transformed. Sometimes the people are right under our noses!

  • you two are AWESOME in Jesus! Thanks for the encouragement and challenge. I got yourblog from Hermie Smit at CityTeam. Have no idea where in the country you are, but keep doing what you are doing! We are implementing DGBS through our church and praying the people will take it to their communities. I just watched a rowdy group of youth actually settle and listen to God through the story of Zacchaeus. Connecting. So cool meg – East Bay, CA

  • amazing work – we want to do this here in Cincinnati – contact me cooperinnky@yahoo.com would love to hear how you got this going and any wisdom you can share in this regard. Blessings to you both – this is so faith strengthening it is ridiculous. Dennis

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