We are so passionate about giving someone an opportunity to know God and to experience love from another. There are so many people to love and so many people that need to know God in this city and around the world. In reality, only a very small percentage of people in this city have someone who can help them get connected to God and far too many people do not have the opportunity to receive love. This city and this world cannot be reached by only a few. We know that it is going to take all of us! First, you need to believe that, and second you have to believe in yourself that you can reach out to people. ANYONE can do it. ANYONE! Connecting people to God is simple if we make it simple. We can all connect people to God.

We want to encourage and empower people who want to love and reach people inside or outside their realm of influence. This may be your family, your neighbors, your workplace, etc., or it may be some place or people group that you have no contact with but that you have a heart for. If you are wanting to reach others, we want to walk with you in that as much as we can.  

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