Hey, I am excited to be back doing ministry! Our family is all doing great! Thanks for all of your help and support!

So something crazy happened to us a few months ago that I wanted to share because I feel like God gave me a message through this incident. Melissa and I were at a missions conference in Waco. There was a lot of focus on human trafficking and the abuse of women, especially on Saturday night of the conference. Naturally at conferences you are anxious to hear from God and are believing for Him to give you direction. Saturday night had a big impact on us and it reignited our passion for loving and helping hurting women.

So after this night, we leave in our car to head to our hotel. The manager of the hotel told us before that there would probably not be any parking spots at the hotel because it was parents weekend at Baylor and that we were going to have to park across the street, but we wanted to look for a spot even though it looked really full. Hidden at the back of the hotel was one spot left! So we got out of the car and we heard a woman screaming. We looked up and on the other side of the fence of the hotel property there was this big guy who was dragging this woman on the ground trying to get her into his truck, and she was literally kicking and screaming trying to get away. In an instant it hit me what the conference topic was about, so to say the least, I couldn’t believe I was seeing this. Without hesitancy I charged at the fence yelling at the man. I jumped onto the fence, and when I got to the top to jump over to help her, he let the girl go and she ran.  He jumped in his truck to go after her and I ran around the fence where I saw the girl. She was about 30 yards ahead of me on the sidewalk so I put myself between her and the truck. The guy knew I wasn’t leaving! So he took off, but circled a few times. We got the girl into the hotel and we noticed a huge black eye. She was very shaken and we consoled her, loved on her, and ministered to her and called her family who lived near by to come get her. We had no idea what the incident was really about. Who knows.

After she got picked up by her family and I gathered myself, I literally said to God, what the heck was that??!!! I mean..talk about timing. We had to be there within 20 seconds to help this girl. We got the very last parking space in the exact location. And of course we just came from a conference talking about this very thing. I don’t know about you, but it was God’s timing and intervention. I fully believe that.

That night I started to pray about this because I knew He wanted to speak something to me and this is what I believe it was and I wanted to share it with you. I feel like it was a message to all of us.

My reaction that night was not some super hero act. I was not trying to be brave. I was not trying to be super Christian. I simply did what anyone hopefully would do!! You hear this all the time on TV from people who rescue someone. They say anyone would have done it. Now I understand this. They are not super people. If any of us saw a child in a burning building, hopefully our response would be to run towards that building and try to rescue that child. I simply saw someone in a desperate situation and reacted. It is in all of us.

So what’s the point or message? The point is that when or if we saw someone in a desperate situation, I think most of us would react, but the problem is, we do not realize that there are desperate people in desperate situations all around us. Of course, my example of a child in a burning building is an obvious desperate situation, but the issue we need to realize is that nonbelievers are in a desperate situation! If we do not recognize this, then we will not try to reach them. The reality is, nonbelievers are in a desperate situation, we just don’t believe it! I have said this many times to people, that if we believed in the reality of heaven and hell, we would be out in the streets day and night trying to save people! Please think about this. In reality, there are desperate people all around us every day and everywhere we go. All you need to do is open your eyes and look at the people in front of you. Go reach and rescue people!

Thanks for letting me share this and I hope you can take some time to think about this. Thanks!



  • Kyle, That was absolutely amazing, but of course God’s timing is perfect in every way. Your heart & mind are open and focused on what is true – Jesus Christ, therefore he allowed you this opportunity to help this young woman in desperation. Who knows if she may have even cried out to God for help. I do believe God places us in circumstances to see how we will react. It is our opportunity to let Christ work through us in sharing and showing His love in tangible ways!

  • Hey guys! Love this story! Have you shared it with Jimmy or anyone at Antioch? They would be really encouraged to hear this testimony!


    • Kyle, thanks for sharing. Love this story, love your heart. Love how you spur us on as you allow God to speak to you and share that with others. You guys are truly living life out loud for Him!

  • Kyle, thank you for sharing how God can use believers who are listening for Him as the answer to people’s prayers! I pray that the girl’s faith is strengthened radically that He is our great help in our time of need, and this time He sent you! It’s amazing how the commander of armies chooses to use His obedient ones, often ordinary people, to literally do warrior’s work! Praise God for He hears our prayers and answers them as He chooses. But effectively! May God bless you and give you more opportunities to hear and obey and bless others. He who is in you is far far greater than the one who is in the abusers out there! Hope our paths cross soon my friend! Ben

  • Thanks Kyle for taking action and calling me and others to act. You are spot on my friend and thank you again.

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