I was walking though a lobby entrance to a grocery store. A woman was there literally cursing at everyone who walked by. This was a wealthy part of the city and this woman obviously didn’t feel comfortable there and felt that people were staring at her. I stopped after she cursed at me because I was a little shocked and then I kept walking and started to pray about this situation. I could leave and let that be that and let that woman continue to have a miserable day. Or, I could ask God to use me to love and bless this woman. I thought to myself, “It sure is going to be embarrassing when this woman jumps up and starts attacking me in front of all these people because I attempted to talk to her!” That is kind of what I was expecting to happen, but I felt like God was saying to go. I decided a long time ago that any risk is worth taking in order to have someone experience Jesus.

I walked up to her smiling and she wasn’t smiling back. Ooops! I leaned down to her and said, “How are you doing? My name is Kyle.” She just stared at me. I then told her that I just felt like God wanted to tell her that He loved her and that she was so special to Him. What was going to happen next? Her demeanor completely changed. She got a big smile on her face and said her name was Coco. We shook hands and we sat there and talked for a few minutes. Then I prayed over her just so she could know how God felt about her and to bless her day. Afterwards she was so thankful. I made a new friend. I gave her my number if she ever wanted to talk with my wife and that was it. A sweet interaction between two strangers because of God. It is a simple story, but think about the impact we can have on people if we just simply obeyed God’s push for us to love others and share His story. I can’t tell you how many times these “simple” conversations change lives dramatically.

When people say or think deep down inside that their Christian life is boring or wonder if God uses them, I like to challenge people and say this, “There is an adventure waiting for you around every corner every day. The key is that we just have to be open to God using us and doing what God is pushing us to do.” When some people call what I do boldness, I call it simple obedience. Simple obedience can change lives.  The key to a radical and adventurous life with God is not being radical or bold. The key is obedience. Before I went into that store I asked God to use me, and I try this everywhere I go. For one, it helps me to stay connected to God. If my mind is on myself, worries, or whatever else but is not focused on God, then of course I will probably miss an opportunity. And two, I choose to believe the Bible and the great adventure He has for all of us. I can go anywhere with great expectation. I don’t wait for the mission trips or the outreaches. In fact, I would say most of my connections with people come from everyday interactions.

So I encourage you to have this outlook and to even try this…anywhere you go..let’s say to Home Depot, the grocery store, the park, or the mall. Ask God to use you and to connect you with one person in that place. Do we not think God is after the dozens or hundreds of people in that place? Of course He is. More than we can even understand. Ask Him to use you and be willing for Him to use you. A day doesn’t have to pass without God using us. Every day we could have stories about God touching someone through us in our life. Do you want an adventurous life with the living God every day? Then simply just let Him use you.


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  • Tremendous story and reminder that God wants to use us to share his love wherever we go. Thanks, Kyle.

    Ken Banks


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