This day we were carrying the cross in an area known for drugs and prostitution. We saw a transsexual prostitute across the street. He knew we were there but he was purposely turning the other way. I don’t blame him for doing that. He had no idea what to expect from these crazy people carrying a cross. He was probably asking himself, “Are they going to ridicule me or condemn me? Are they going to try to give me some gospel presentation?” He shifted away a little further from us, as if to say, “please don’t come over to me.”

We talked as a team about what to do next. We quietly prayed what to do and we felt like God gave us direction. We crossed the street and went up to him and he literally just turned his head even more away from us looking extremely uncomfortable. Michelle on our team, simply said, “can I give you a hug?” (That is what God told us to do.) He said “yes” and Michelle on our team hugged him and we just had a simple conversation. We asked questions about his life and we shared a little about our lives. Michelle asked if he needed anything and he said he was hungry, so we went and bought him some food. We talked some more and then Michelle read him a passage from the Bible and prayed over him and we went on our way.

The next day we planned to take the cross to the same area. We thought we would see him again, but we didn’t know what to expect. Was he freaked out by us? Would he be nice to us or more open? We started to walk the cross to the same area and there he was. This time he came up to us and he gave us all big hugs! This time he had a smile on his face and he was excited to see us.

He was obviously not embarrassed of us to say the least because he started calling some of his friends over to meet us which opened up the door for us to love even more people and share with them. Then he asked us if we could come with him because he knew somebody that needed prayer. Of course we say yes and Michelle went with him across the street and they sat with the lady to talk with her and pray over her.

One act of love can open up hearts to listen to your message about Jesus.

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  • Kyle love this message of love . The Beatles got some of the message right “all we need is love” and of course Jesus . Thank you for reaching out to everyone . We all need a hug and love 😀

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