Although it is great if people end up in a church, the answer may not always be bringing people to our church.  The population of the United States is around 313,000,000. How many Americans regularly go to church? I have studied surveys about how many people attend church in the United States and nobody can agree. From my studies, I would conclude that around 70%-80% do not attend a church on a regular basis in America. We are talking about millions and millions of people not going to church. This is well beyond half of the country. If these people do not want to come to a church, then what is the solution? Are people of other faiths and cultures just going to show up at the doors of our churches? What about business professionals who have no interest in institutionalized church? Are drug-addicts knocking on the doors of our churches? Will the poor feel comfortable in our churches? Will the gay community feel welcomed in our churches? We have to asked these questions.
The solution is we have to go to them!  We have to get into their world, and we have to truly love them. We need some creative thinkers and some risk takers. I know they are out there. Some of you may just need permission to think outside of the box. I know I did. 
When you read our blogs, we talk about outside of the box ways to reach and love people. Please be praying if you are to join in. We are willing to walk with you. I hear from people all the time who have ideas in their hearts but have not taken action to go after them. Our hope is that we can be a bridge to those dreams. 
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