NOTE: If you haven’t done so already, please read the first blog post to this series- PRAYER CHALLENGE: THE KEY TO LOVING PEOPLE YOU DON’T LOVE 

Father, I pray we, as followers of Jesus, can love opposing political parties. I am guilty of not loving people I do not agree with. It hurts when political decisions are made that hurt me or the people I love.  I pray that I can love and pray for people I do not agree with. Father, please help us to have the right perspective when it comes to politics. Ultimately, we pray that your will will be done above all else. Help me to have your perspective. You are going to do what is best so people can hear about you. Above everything, help me to care about your tremendous love and desire for people to know you. Above the money I make, above the rights I desire, above the policies I desire, above the freedom I desire, and above what I like and don’t like, let me and others care for what you care for, which is to see all people come to you. That is your desire. Forgive me Father when anything else comes before that.

  1. What things in me need to change this week?
  2. Do I love people I disagree with?
  3. How can I love people who I disagree with?
  4. Am I putting political beliefs above my spiritual beliefs?

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