I am not going to attempt to give a detailed explanation of what Hare Krishna is or what they believe. But basically, it is a form of Hinduism and they worship the Krishna deity.  You can find lots of stuff on the internet about it.  It is a religion that is pretty new to America and came here in the 1970’s. There are around 10,000 followers in America. There are many followers in Dallas, but there is only one Hare Krishna temple in Dallas. It attracts many people to the temple because they have a pretty famous vegetarian restaurant at the temple. (Hare Krishna followers are vegetarians.) For them, this is the main way that they attract people who are curious about the religion and find new followers.

I have been going to this temple for a few months now. I was at a food festival with Melissa and the kids and I saw a Hinduism booth. I went up to it to ask questions and meet the people running it. We had a great conversion. The guy I was talking to was one of the founders of the temple in the 70’s, and that is who I have been meeting with at the temple. He tells me about the religion and shows me around, and he even buys me lunch. He knows all about me being a follower of Jesus and he is very interested in hearing about what that looks like. We have a great relationship and plan to meet outside of the temple to hang out with him and his girlfriend. He is going to give me cooking lessons!

My hope here is the same as always. To learn, to love, and to build relationship.

Below are some pics and a video that I took at the temple to give you an idea about what goes on in the temple.

Note: The man sitting down cross-legged in the picture is not a real person. That is a wax figure of the person who brought the religion to America. You will notice that there are some people worshipping him or giving him honor.

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  • Hey Kyle,
    Thank you for this post and what an adventure it is to meet and get to know different people who are different from us. To do that we have to get out of our comfort zones sometimes, and you are a great example and inspiration to me. I trust God will bless you and your family. I’m praying for your back to heal up quick.

  • Thank you for this post – love it – love the restaurant – great food… and sounds like
    some cool people to get to know – lucky you…to get those cooking lessons !!

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