LAP (Loving All Peoples) NETWORK is a network of multiplying house churches. The goal of the LAP Network is making disciples and planting churches that multiply. In the last two years our team has started over 150 what we call Discovery Groups, which many have evolved into house churches.


Who are we looking for?

  • We are looking for people who want to be a part of a church planting movement

What are we asking people to do?

  • We are asking for people who want to start what we call a Discovery Group type gathering in their home that evolves into church. Before you get overwhelmed with the thought of leading a church, talk to us first. Its extremly simple and can easily be replicated. We will coach you basically how to empower unchurched people to lead the group. Your job is to coach and support.

Are we asking people to leave their existing churches to join our network?

There will be 3 types of people that we will attract. 1)Unchurch people that have never been to a church. (2)People that are disenfranchised about the institutionalized church. (3)People that feel a calling to leave their church for the purpose of planting churches. Goal is to be sent out and blessed. To be clear, yes we are looking for committed people to our network. We don’t want to compete with your church experience. If you are happy where you are, then stay there. The point it, we strongly believe that for this to be effective, this is going to take your full commitment.

Is LAP my Church home?

  • Our answer is this; if you need it to be. Of course we are all apart of the body of Christ. We fully realize that many people need belonging to a Church. So yes LAP can be your church home. Some people don’t need a formal church body or organization to identify with and we are fine with that. We are open to not calling it anything or calling it another name. The purpose here is we are practicing being the church and planting churches.

How often do we meet?

  • Every situation and community is different, so it just depends. Of course the more you meet the better but sometimes you need to be creative here in the US. Some larger groups will have no problem meeting every week. Some groups might need meet in smaller groups and come together in a larger group once a month. Again we can work out what work best for the community you are in.

What about the kids?

  • This is one of the most common questions we get and there is not one simple answer because everyone is in different situations. Do we want the kids involved? Not only do we want to kids involved, we want to empower kids and empower parents to develope a spiritual relationship as a family. So after we discuss your situation, community, age of kids, etc. Then we can work together to determine how each community can get their kids involved.

What about tithing?

  • Look, this is a complicated issue. We are not going to attempt to define what tithing or giving is because we are know that people are where they are and we are fine with that. We just want you to hear our hearts about giving. You are going to hear from some that tithing is an Old Testament concept and no longer required. You are going to hear from some that is required. You are going to hear that giving is up to every person through prayer. And from some that you are not required to give anything. Our heart is to reach people. Plain and simple. We don’t expect everyone to give and are never going to require people to give. We simply want you to have a heart for people. Our goal is to help you live out the Great Commission. The Great Commission involves doing anything we can to reach people. Sometimes it involves money going to new church planters. Sometimes it is for providing resources (including Bibles). Sometimes it involves travel for training in new cities. Sometimes it included providing for special needs in your community or churches. The point is, we trust for each church that God will show you what needs to be done to reach more people.

Note: In our network, money WILL NOT be used for buildings since all of our churches will typically meet in homes or in the work place, or wherever. 100% goes to reaching people! We honestly think that would excite people. And we also think it would excite groups or churches that know they can be involved in helping reach people and plant churches around the world!

Who will the money go through?

  • We don’t care! Gather it yourselves and do what God leads you to do with it. Or we have given you an easy solution. LAP is a nonprofit 501c3 and you can give to LAP and we will use the money (in coordination with each church) on where the money will go.

Who am I starting a church with?

  • Although there are certain people that are going to be called to or sent to cross-cultural situations..For example, you planting a church in an apartment complex with people you do not know. We feel the easiest and most effective way to reach people is help people reach the people that are already around you. The people you already know and have relationship with. This can be your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, or your family.

How do Churches multiply?

  • Everyone in the group from day 1 is being empowered to learn and apply the Bible for themselves. Because of the simplicity of the groups, everyone in the groups will be capable of leading one of these groups. So naturally as people become disciples and start loving others and sharing with others, there will naturally be opportunity for more groups to starts. Another way is teaching other existing believers to start groups themselves.

Will I receive training?

  • Yes. There will be different training options, preferably trainings will be in groups.

How can you start?

  • Contact us and lets talk. 2145078828 or email


Churches will focus on reaching those in their own “oikos”, meaning reaching the people that they most likely already have relationship with. This would include, families, friends, neighbors, social groups, and people in the work place.



  • Option 1. Believers form a Church and coach pre-believing groups into existence. This happens by coaching unchurched people how to start a group. Churches will provide ongoing coaching for the new groups.
  • Option 2. Be a part of two groups. Believers meet together as their own church and each person or couple plants a new church plant among prebelievers and that also becomes their church. The goal though is always to empower leaders to take over the group.


  • This church functions like any other church which includes making disciples, planting churches, and financial giving, but is gifted in getting resources to support new church plants and new catalytic workers.


  • These are groups that are probably mixed with pre-believers, believers by name, or people seeking to know more. Depending are where there are, there are different options on where to start. You may start with gospels or you may start with purpose/mission.