Reaching out to Muslims is much easier than you would think. Many think that we have to be “trained” or come up with some plan on how to share our faith.  We think that sharing our faith can only be done by going up to strangers and sharing our belief system and dismantling theirs! This can be extremely intimating for you and to Muslims, not to mention very insulting. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just hang out with people of other beliefs as a part of our normal life and befriend them and love them and let them see the love that is inside us? If our agenda is to love them, they will open up to us. When we love, we gain trust. We gain authentic relationship. 

Here are two examples of how easy it was for me to reach out to Muslims recently. I went to a gathering where I knew many Muslims would be. I wanted to go because I wanted to love Muslims and build relationships with them. Now believe me when I say this, I am EXTREMELY introverted. You could even say borderline socially awkward:). I am not gifted by any means with socializing. I just wanted to make that point so you can know that this doesn’t mean you have to be gifted at socializing!

Here is what I did. I went up to one Muslim guy and introduced myself. I asked him a few question about where he was from and about his family, and within minutes he invited me over to his home and he even invited me to his Mosque! What a privilege! Of course I said yes. This all happened in about 1 or 2 minutes. Now I get to go to his house and meet his family and friends and visit his Mosque with him and meet all of his friends there. Just like that. Think about how many possible relationships I get to make out of this brief conversation.  

Next, I went up to another guy and just loved on him and showed interest in him and his family. Again within 1-2 minutes, this guy invited my wife and I and our kids over to meet his wife and kids. Now my kids get to be involved in loving people of other faiths! And it will open up the door to meet other people through this man. Simple Simple Simple!

You see, most people from other cultures are naturally hospitable and social. This was their culture before they came here. It is completely out of their thinking not to be this way. Most Muslims WANT friendship with you! But they usually are not going to be the ones to express interest because they are a little fearful and hesitant in this country, which is completely understandable with what has gone on in this world and in this country in the past 10 years. I truly and sadly believe that they are very used to Americans passing them by or not being friendly to them, so they kind of just keep their distance from us. These are God’s children. God created them. Let’s love who God created.  

So, if you want to reach out to Muslims, just know that you can do it. Can you love? Can you be a friend? That is all it takes. We all can do this.  When we have authentic relationship with someone, they will see the love that is inside us!

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