Reaching All Peoples From Within   

  • The goal of the “Insiders Fund” is to financially support local “insider” missionaries to make disciples and start disciple-making churches within their own cultures that multiply here locally and worldwide.


  • Have you ever wished you could be a part of making disciples of Jesus all around the world? There are numerous churches, ministries, and projects to fund all over the world. One area of work of great impact that gets little attention because it is just simply foreign to most people living in the United States, is a disciple and church multiplication strategy called Disciple Making Movements or DMM. Imagine financially investing in a project that produces disciples and even churches in numerous people groups here locally and around the world. Imagine seeing one church grow into thousands of churches. You have this opportunity here in DFW and around the globe.


  • When you are in a big city like Dallas/Ft Worth, we all look around and see different people groups and cultures everywhere. If you don’t see it, try walking into a coffee shop, a mall, or a local school or college and you will see how diverse it is. Dallas has become one of the most diverse cities in the United States and it will continue in that direction. Every day, 500 people move into DFW and out of that, 70% are foreign born. Over 44% of DFW is new American. English is the 2nd language of one-third of DFW households. There are 297 languages spoken in DFW!


  • “God is bringing the nations here…” has almost become a cliché. We hear it all the time. It is actually a true statement, but the enormity of how to go about reaching all these people can certainly overwhelm us, resulting in little action or planning.Reaching the entire DFW area seems like a daunting task. On one side, it seems highly complicated and too complex, but with complexity comes potential. The potential is for the first time in history, we can actually reach multiple people groups around the world through reaching people in our own city. The reason for this is the diversity and technology that allows families and friends here to be able to communicate with people in other countries.


  • It is one thing for churches or individuals to reach out to internationals on their own without a plan, which is happening. But it is a whole different dynamic and has mind blowing potential if we actually have a plan set in place to reach people from other countries living both here and around the world. Typical missionary strategies that are highly effective oversees happen when outside foreign missionaries partner with local believers from inside a certain culture, “insiders”, and support their work through training, strategy, spiritual support, and even financial support. This has proved to be highly effective and hundreds of thousands of churches are being planted around the world this way, but the problem is that we do not typically implement that strategy here in the U.S. The typical model of reaching other cultures here is by encouraging individual Americans to engage people cross-culturally with little or no experience. Even people with experience repetitively run into walls. Doing cross-culture work is extremely complicated because you are dealing with completely different worldviews, cultural differences, and extreme language barriers. “Insiders” are going to be much more effective at reaching their own people groups because there are no cultural and language barriers. Insiders will not only be far more effective reaching nonbelievers from their own culture, but they will also be far more effective in networking with other believers from their own culture. Our strategy is to connect, train, and support “Insiders” to start churches within their own cultures that multiply into more churches here locally and worldwide.


  • Although Disciple Making Movements are mostly happening overseas, works have been started here in the U.S. in urban cities. This is happening in California right now through our ministry partners. Insiders from Spanish speaking communities were trained and even a few Insider leaders were hired to oversee that process, and over 1,000 house churches were started in and around the Bay area in California. From that movement, because families and friends have family members who have connections in other countries, through technology, coaching, and training, now thousands of churches are being planted in Mexico, and several countries in Central America and the Caribbean. One of these is Cuba where over 10,000 house churches have been planted in the last 5 years. Now that example is from a diverse culture with Spanish being the common language. Imagine if we could use the same strategy for the 297 languages that are spoken here in the DFW area. Imagine what could happen?


  • Many internationals living here in the U.S. do not have the relational community who could financially support them. Typically local missionaries in the U.S. are Americans who grew up here in the States and can be financially supported because they have years of building and establishing relationships with people who would support them. Having full time catalytic leaders who can oversee a church planting process among a certain target people group is vital. As stated above, many leaders cannot raise their own funds nor is it possible or a good idea to raise huge amounts of money to fund dozens if not hundreds of leaders. We believe we can replicate full time leaders by a self-funding model supported by the church plants themselves. We believe this is not only biblical but a must in order to keep the movement growing and to sustain itself. We do this by building in the DNA of giving in the new and existing churches. The churches themselves are small, but starting hundreds or thousands of churches adds up and our goal and vision is for the movement to not only self-support itself but to have the ability to start new multiplying church plants.
  • Example: If each church is giving $100 a month, which comes out to about only $10 a person, and we get to 1000 churches, the total amount coming from the churches is $1,200,000. The money is there and nothing excites us more than knowing and believing that the churches themselves can sustain and reproduce themselves.


Since adding our Insider couples to our team in 2017, we have planted over 150 DMM Church Groups.

  • 2017-30 GROUPS
  • 2018-100 GROUPS
  • 2019-150 GROUPS
  • 6 U.S. CITIES


  • Loving All Peoples has created a giving fund called the “Insiders Fund” for the purpose of hiring and supporting local missionaries and their efforts here in the DFW area, in other U.S. cities, and around the world.
  • Note:There are also certain sub-groups here in the DFW area (the gay community, the sex industry, and international students, for example) that may need full-time leaders to create teams to reach these subgroups and to oversee the process.



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