Reaching All Peoples From Within   

  • The goal of the “Insiders Fund” is to financially support local “insider” missionaries to make disciples and start disciple-making churches within their own cultures that multiply here locally and worldwide.


  • Have you ever wished that you could be a part of making disciples of Jesus and planting churches all around the world? Imagine financially investing in a process where disciples are trained to multiply disciples and multiply churches in numerous people groups here locally and around the world. Imagine seeing one church grow into hundreds and even thousands of churches. You have this opportunity here in United States and around the globe.


  • Typical overseas missionary strategies that are highly effective happen when outside foreign missionaries partner with local believers from inside a certain culture (“insiders”), and support their work through training, strategy, spiritual support, and even financial support. Hundreds of thousands of churches are being planted around the world this way. The typical model of reaching other cultures here in the U.S. is by encouraging individual Americans to engage people cross-culturally with little or no experience. Doing cross-culture work is extremely complicated because you are dealing with completely different worldviews, cultural differences, and extreme language barriers and even people who are trained for cross-cultural work repetitively run into walls. “Insiders” are going to be much more effective at reaching their own people groups because there are no cultural and language barriers.


  • A giving fund has been created called the “Insiders Fund” for the purpose of hiring and supporting local missionaries and their efforts here in the DFW area, in other U.S. cities, and other countries.
  • Read the Q/A below to find out more about supporting “insiders” here in the DFW area and beyond.


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Why hire people full-time?

  • Coaching catalytic “insiders” with normal full time jobs is essential but they simply do not have the time to effectively maintain and oversee a disciple making movement process. We find it imperative to hire full-time catalytic “insiders” who can oversee, plan, coach, train, and strategize to reach their own culture.

Why can’t they raise their own financial support?

  • Typically, local missionaries in the U.S. are Americans who grew up here in the States and can be financially supported because they have years of building and establishing relationships with people who would support them. There may be several reasons why we do not see a lot of international local missionaries. One reason may be because the concept is foreign, or another reason could be that they do not have the relational community who could financially support them.

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