I cannot express enough how Melissa and I, along with Jeremy and Mindi feel about our Insiders: Yadir, Ania, Murama, and Grace. It has literally been life changing not only for us as a ministry, but as friends. It is a special thing when people from other cultures can bond like we have for the sake of Christ. As for our ministry, we have had this idea for a couple of years to hire Insiders but it was a big step to take, since Melissa and I have only had to be responsible for raising the funds for just our family in the past. But we took a shot at it to see if it would be fruitful, and it is more than we could have hoped for. 

The whole idea and goal was for us to hire them and see how the year went, and then decide if we should continue the Insiders Fund. Again, it is beyond what we hoped for and the hope is that we can grow our team by adding more Insiders in 2018. With that said, now that we know we want to move forward, we desperately need to start focusing on keeping these two couples around. It is vital that we keep them on our team in 2018 and that we raise the money for their salaries and ministry expenses by the end of this year. Please hear that it is Loving All Peoples biggest need right now and we are asking you to join in. Our goal is to first raise the funds to cover these 2 couples for 2018, and then we will create a long-term fundraising plan for our Insiders Fund. We know it is a lot but we need to raise 90k for the Insiders Fund by the end of December 2017 and we need your help. 

This has truly been an exciting season for us and we pray that you can catch the vision of what we are praying for. As we have discussed in previous updates, we have seen that coaching and training Insiders to reach their own communities is much more effective than doing cross-cultural ministry. It is only September and together our Insiders have started 25 Discovery Groups (Bible study groups). When you add up the number of people in these groups, it comes out to around 200 new or potential disciples just this year. To put that in perspective, we have been trying to reach African and Latino communities for many years with little success. In about 9 months, we have seen growth like we have never seen before. These numbers should double and triple in 2018. Now imagine what could happen if we started this process in numerous people groups that are here in DFW. This is our goal and the reason for the “Insiders Fund”.

Ways you can help:

  1. Give a One-time Donation to the Insiders Fund
  2. Sponsor a Family Monthly 
  3. Help Us Find “Giving” Partners
  4. Host a Fundraiser In Your Home

If you have a desire to connect on this, we would love to meet up or talk by phone.  If you would like to learn more about the “Insiders Fund”  please go to https://lovingallpeoples.com/insiders-fund/. Our prayer is for people like you to catch this vision and come along side of us.

Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement throughout the years. We are so very grateful for you!

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