Last fall we sent out a newsletter stating that our Insiders had started 25 Discovery Bible Study Groups among African and Latino communities. Now that number is up to 80 groups! Over this past year we have been interviewing and training many different potential Insider couples and individuals to join our team so we can begin this process with some of the other main people groups in DFW, and we have great prospects. Our focus has been on Arab, Persian, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese. We already have a verbal agreement to bring over a couple from India who have been church planting in India for many years and we are very excited about them! 
People always ask us how can they help. Fundraising is really key for us right now! The way Melissa and I have been doing this is by asking people to host a small gathering in their homes where we share about our ministry and we have been having a great time with it. It’s small, simple, relational, and fun! Our goal is to have one or two of these every month. 
It also gives us an opportunity to encourage and inspire others to live a life of following Jesus, and reaching and loving others which is the desire of our heart. So, in doing this we have not only added financial partners, but also added new friendships with people who want to jump in and participate in reaching our city. 
We want to make hosting as simple and easy as possible. It could be coffee and dessert or dinner or whatever you would like. This would be an opportunity to invite your friends, family, or small group, or anyone who you think has a desire to get involved in reaching our city. 
Please contact us using the contact form below if you would be willing to host a small gathering. Read below if are wanting to give to the INSIDERS FUND. 
Ways you can help:
  1. Give a One-time Donation to the Insiders Fund
  2. Sponsor a Family Monthly 
  3. Help Us Find “Giving” Partners
  4. Host a Fundraiser In Your Home
CLICK HERE to learn more about THE INSIDERS FUND
Thank you so very much for your love and support! We are so grateful!!



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