Pardon the bad pictures. It’s difficult to take good pictures in a dark bar. I also added some pictures from Flickr from the drum circle that we go to that were taken by someone else.

I have been going to a drum circle at a bar for about two months now. I fell in love with it immediately. My kind of crowd!

Reminds me that following Jesus does not mean we cannot have fun! Believe me, that is what much of society thinks. At least that is my experience from talking with people. Many people’s response to an invitation to something related to God might be, “I am not ready to stop having fun.” Now there is a clear difference between fun and sin, and sure, some people are not ready to stop certain sins. To me, God has a reason he wants us to stop sinning. And that reason is because he knows what is best for us. He knows it will hurt us. Anyone with children can relate to this. We know what’s best for our children, so we don’t just let them do anything. It’s the same with God.

But we want our children to have fun, right! And so does God. He wants us to have fun. He created us for fun. So yes, we can go to bars and dance, do drum circles, and experience the cultures!

I can honestly say that I have more fun now than I did before I started following Jesus. What I did before Jesus might look like fun to some people, but I was hurting myself. I was destructive, and I was miserable! That is just my story. Now God has given me a new life and I am free to enjoy life the way he intended it for me. I won’t lie either and say it’s always fun. I sometimes get sucked back into depression, stress, pain or whatever just like anyone else.

Anyways, back to the new age crowd. These are some fun people and really kind people too.  I love to learn about how they view the world. They are very accepting; they love people. And you know what, they are very spiritual people. It is not difficult being spiritual at a drum circle. It’s quite the opposite. If you are not spiritual, then you probably won’t fit in. They love spirituality, spiritual things, and spiritual conversations. So, they are very open to God.

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