Did you know that the DFW area is getting close to being 50% international! Right now it is 44% international and it is growing. Just take a minute and think about that. We are talking around 2,500,000 people of other cultures and faiths who live here! That is a lot of people. Is that a large enough number to cause a little urgency in us? That number is bigger than the population of many countries!
How are we going to love all these people? They are not going to just show up in our churches. Even if they did, most would not understand anything that goes on in a church because of language and cultural differences. We have to get into their world and we have to truly love them. It is not at all difficult to befriend people from other cultures. Most are great and generous people. Become a great friend to them and you are considered their family. You will get lots of great food too! 
We will have to get creative, but our goal is for you to meet and befriend people of other faiths. Of course we will walk you through this process and help you understand other cultures and how to share your life with them too. 
It may be your neighbors, co-workers, or fellow students, or it could be visiting foreign-looking restaurants and coffee shops, or even visiting Mosques and temples. 
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  • Dear Kyle and Melissa: This is truly an amazing insight into the demographics of the area we all call home! I love the way you are challenging others to get out and get involved and modeling it yourselves. I get to have a real cross-cultural experience this coming Sunday when a brand new friend-I have no idea where he lives because I met him through someone else who was visiting me here at my home-is coming with his mom to pick me up and take me first to meet with Men of Nehemiah and then we’re going to his church, Reunion Church on Hi Line dr. This will all be a new experience for me. I’m really excited about it. I also wanted to comment that there are no people more lost in this great area than people of my own race who have no faith at all and don’t want to have any. I spent a little over three hours with one last week and she has no interest at all. At least so she says. For now. I think I myself need to recognize that there is one very lost “people group” among us who look like us and talk like us and have less interest in where they’re going to spend eternity than the Machis did when we first went to them. Most of what they thought was false but at least they cared. Please don’t misunderstand me. I understand that most, though not all, people who belong to the “white English speaking U.S. citizens” people group have had bunches of opportunities to hear the Word, whereas the “peoples of the nations”, whether among us or elsewhere, have not been so blessed. In the end it all comes down to “Who does God want me to demonstrate His love to today?” And perhaps an even more serious question for me is: “Do I really-REALLY-believe what I say I believe when I say people without Jesus are lost. Forever. May God help us all and bless you with abundant strength and wisdom and fruit! Love, Betty


    • thanks Betty.
      I agree with you. I know its so difficult to find hungry people that look like us:).
      I too see more of a hunger with people of other cultures. There are so many reasons for that and we will not give up on them. I pray for hunger all around me.

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