Recently we have been receiving many Buddhist people from Burma. Believe me when I say this, Buddhists are fun! They are very care-free people. I have loved getting to know them, and I am learning so much from them. Before this year, I really didn’t know about Buddhism or about their culture. They love when I ask questions about them. It really shows them that I care about them.

They are very open to talking about spiritual things, because they do not separate their spiritual life from their practical daily life. They have told me all about Buddhism and what it means to them. Then I got to share why God is important to me. I simply just shared my story about how God has changed my life.  One day later one of the guys showed up and said that he wanted to learn about my God because he too wanted to change his life. I met with this guy for many weeks and we have become really close friends.

We can show them the love that is in us. That is what people are attracted to.

In the pics below, we are hanging out with our Buddhist friends at our house. They gave me a gift to show their appreciation for helping them. I love sarongs! And I think I look pretty cool wearing one:)

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