On a recent cross outreach I got to meet this sweet girl who came up to me. Maybe she was just curious about what we were doing, but she didn’t seem that interested in connecting. That is until I felt like God wanted me to tell her something.  After I shared it with her, her demeanor changed. She said, “Ok, ok, I want to tell you something. God visited me in a dream last night.” She proceeded to tell me the dream and it was pretty much exactly what I had just spoken to her. God certainly had her attention after giving her that dream and then bringing some random guy carrying a cross to meet her to confirm it. 

It is truly just like the stories in the Bible. God gets people’s attention by doing a miracle that they cannot deny. The same still happens today and we can be a part of it if we listen to God, go where He wants us to go, love who He wants us to love, and of course, say what He wants us to say. I believe this is for all of us. I have had this experience with countless people and I believe we can have it anywhere we go if we are willing to listen to Him and risk. Sounds scary I know, but what is better than walking each day in relationship with the God of the universe and doing His will. 



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