We were on an outreach the other day carrying the cross in an area known for drugs and alcohol. We walked up to this group of men who were in front of a liquor store and just started talking with them. We were greeted very well and ended up talking for about 30 min, praying over people, and giving them our contact info. While we were talking, one man just wanted to walk the cross around the block. He just grabbed it and left. I honestly thought he was stealing it! Do I chase him and tackle him:)? That would be a sight! I just followed a good distance behind him and let him carry it. He carried it with great pride! When he got back he asked me if he could go around the block again and he did. I think that this man is an alcoholic. I don’t really know for sure. Even if he wasnt, you wouldn’t peg him as a typical middle class Dallas resident. But the question came up in my head…Can this guy have an impact? Can he share God’s love? Can God use someone like this?

I confess that too many times I have thought that only squeaky clean “qualified” Christians could share the gospel. Sometimes I even thought, only educated middle or upper class people could make disciples, lead bible studies, or run churches. How shallow of me! But how many of us in the Church think like this? I think our actions show that we believe this to be true. Around you, who leads churches? Who leads bible studies? Who leads ministry programs? Seminary graduates, “professional” ministers, missionaries, or “qualified” Christians. I know this is not always the case, but it usually is. Do you want to know why this is the case? It is because we don’t believe that simple ordinary people can do it, and that they need to be “qualified” to lead.

Through the years of ministry life, God has been changing my view. I have seen God over and over humble me with this attitude that I have had. We ran a bible study for mentally challenged people living in a lower income apartment community and let them take it over and lead. They were able to do things that I would never have gotten done. They invited their neighbors who would never have listened to me and they came. They loved their neighbors in ways that I could not.

We also started a bible study with a guy who was a former gang leader and drug dealer and honestly in the back of my mind I couldn’t imagine him doing anything without us. What thinking! Now this guy is following Jesus and he is reaching out to drug dealers himself.

Over and over I have seen God use simple, ordinary, far from perfect people. Obviously the Bible uses simple, ordinary, far from perfect people. God used uneducated men and women, murderers, adulterers, prostitutes, demonically oppressed people, lepers, and tax collectors. The point is, God wants to use everyone. 

So what do we do? We need to believe in people no matter how different they are from us and no matter how imperfect they are. They will do a far better job than us in reaching their own communities! We need to invest in them, support them, empower them and train them to reach others. We need to believe in people!

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  • man it is so encouraging to read about what the Lord is accomplishing through you. Your life is a great challenge to me. Thank you for your faithfulness, and praise the Lord for his work in and through you.

    Jason Clarke Executive Director | Free City International office: 214.295.5504 | email: jsc@freecity.org FreeCity.org | Twitter.com/FreeCityIntl

  • WOW– what a BLESSING to hear such TRUTH overlaid over the FACTS….. LORD, thank you for Kyle and Melissa and the mighty work you are doing through them but also bringing refreshed revelation out of their living life with YOU!! HE CONTINUES…. in HIS mighty WAYS out of HIS AWEsome NATURE !! blessings

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