We were carrying the cross in a shopping center and people were all around us talking to us. A guy walks out of a nearby store and sees us and he kind of did a double take. He just seemed like a normal guy. I knew from the look on his face that he was desperate. He came up to me. His face looked intense and he just didn’t know what to say but he sure wanted to talk. He of course asked me what we were doing and I proceeded to tell him my story. I then asked him about his story and he just began to open up about how he couldn’t believe that he was in the hard place he is now. I encouraged him and he began to tear up. I just wrapped my arms around him and began to pray for him and he litterarly just started to weep in my arms. Strangers meeting on the street and within 5 minutes we are hugging, praying, and crying together. I was so touched after I left, that I had to emotionally gather myself. First, because I was just hurting for him. Second, I was overwhelmed that God would connect me with someone so hungry which is always my prayer. And third, it broke me to know that there are so many people out there just waiting to be loved on.

This picture that was taken touches me so much and I just wanted to share it with you to encourage you. People always ask me how they can get “involved” or live for God. We all have heard this a million times, but the answer is to love the person in front of you. No really, love the person in front of you! There are broken and hurting people everywhere you go and they are waiting for us to love them and share our story with them. If we don’t go, they won’t feel hope. If we don’t go, they will miss out on love. If we don’t go, they may not have the opportunity to turn their life around. Most importantly, if we don’t go, they will not hear about the hope that we have.

Look all around you. Take a risk and just go love someone right in front of you. They are all around us, waiting for us. I hope this encourages many to reach out to others in your daily life.

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