As most of you know, we formed a team of Asian believers because most of the brothels in Dallas are Asian. This makes it very difficult to connect with them culturally and therefore makes it extremely difficult to find openness. We have always had it on our hearts to create this team, but just didn’t know when the right time was. As crazy as it sounds, God gave me a vision in a dream. I was standing in a brothel and this Asian woman began pleading with me to come in and help them. After that dream I knew it was time. Honestly, I didn’t go seeking Asian believers, they just found our ministry through word of mouth and through the internet shortly after this dream. When something happens this way, my expectations and faith are extremely high! I only wish people could understand how impossible it seems to get into these places. Many people on my past teams know how difficult it truly is. So keep that in mind as I share what happened this past Sunday.

Our team went out on a rainy Sunday morning believing the team would be invited into the brothels to meet with the women there. Let us remember that this just doesn’t happen. Let’s remember that these owners are fearful of being arrested or shut down. They do not want to lose their workers. There is great risk for them letting us into these places.

Our team goes into a brothel and the house mama seems a little open but says to come back another time because there are no girls there, which we hear a lot so we don’t know if she is telling the truth. Our team leaves and gets in the truck and the house mama runs out and says I have a girl! When this happens, honestly I am shocked like I just saw a miracle because we can go hours and weeks of being rejected at the door. Our team of women goes back in and stays in…for two hours!!! They met with a women who worked there and just loved on her by washing her feet as Jesus washed his disciples feet as an example to us how we should love and serve one another. Our team also painted her toenails and even massaged her shoulders and made her feel like a million bucks. This woman just talked and talked to our team. Another worker comes in and they have great conversations with her too.

Now what happened next has never happened before. The house mama wanted us to paint her toenails too! This is amazing. These house mama’s are the protectors of these places. They oversee the operation and usually we are met with opposition from them. This is a great breakthrough.

Our team comes out after two hours with joy and even tears. What an amazing but difficult and emotional experience. This is the first time for this team to experience this. We cannot overstate enough how proud we are of this group of women. They said no to fear and chose to love in a place that has never received this kind of love.

Please be in prayer with us for this door to continue to stay open.


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