Refugees come from all over the world to Dallas. Many have lost and suffered more than any of us could imagine. When they come here, many do not have anything or anyone. It is an extremely difficult and lonely situation. How would you want to be treated if you lost everything and were forced to live in a foreign country? Imagine the impact you could have on a family by loving them and being a friend to them. We are looking for people who would “befriend” or “adopt” a refugee family. We have done this with so many families and truly it has been one of our greatest joys in our life. When you befriend a family, you immediately become family! And you learn about others from an inside perspective. Going in to the home of a refugee family is like going into another country and culture. It is an amazing experience! For more information on volunteering or questions, use contact form below.

Here is our older blog post (with pics) about refugees in Dallas.



  • Kyle and Melissa, you have such an amazing heart and story.What a beautiful reminder of all the people you are touching and the joy they bring you.

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  • God bless y’all for what you are doing. May he richly supply. We are in houston or I Would live to see the ministry.

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