Sometimes we question how often we are supposed to carry the cross. All we know is that God wanted us to do it. This week our team felt like we were supposed to prayer walk around the Vickery Meadows area but we weren’t sure if we were supposed to carry the cross. We decided not to for this. Hmm.

Our goal in this prayer walk was just to listen to God and go where He wanted us to go and believe that we would meet the right people to start a work in an apartment complex. We walked around the community for about 2 hours praying. We passed an apartment complex that has been known to be one of the worst crime ridden complexes in the community. We felt strongly we were supposed to go there and so we did, again with no cross. Who would we meet here to open a door? Our faith was high. We prayed to God for us to meet the right person. We walked into the interior of the complex and the first group we saw was about 5-6 people standing on the stairs drinking, smoking cigarettes and weed. We walked by them and said hello but did not stop. As we walked by, we heard a guy call out, “Kyle!” A guy (who was just visiting a friend) came down the stairs to hug us and wouldn’t you know it, it was a guy whom we had met when we were carrying the cross about 3-4 years ago! We even had done bible studies with him in his home and our home.

Well, even though we didn’t carry the cross, I guess God would use the cross anyway! I think we better keep carrying it! 😉

The guy immediately opened up the door for us. He introduced us to his friends and we ended up praying for the guys there and got invited back! A couple of days later we went back to just pray over the complex. The guy who lives there saw us out the window and invited us in. He said he has a person interested in God for us to meet (he didn’t say it in those terms). So we hung out there for awhile, had great conversions, prayed over the guys again and then left. Then our cross guy who knew us showed up and joined us praying around the complex and we met many more people. Wow, what a great open door. This guy also wants us to come back to his apartment to meet people.

Pray that God will give us an opportunity to empower people here how to discover God for themselves.

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