Most people (80%) in the U.S. do not attend traditional churches (American Church Research Project, Dave Olson). If they do, then we think that is great!

Our purpose is to start and encourage others to start “churches” among the unchurched within their own people groups, cultures, and communities. These are basically started as small groups, “Discovery Groups” that learn and discover God together through the Bible. These can happen anywhere, but typically they start in homes.

We have found that regardless of which people group we are working with, it is always much more effective to take the “Insider” approach, meaning we try to find someone who is eager to (reach others, learn about God etc.) within a people group or community and coach them to start Discovery Groups, instead of us starting the group as an outsider. This has led us to start a fund that supports our local Insider Missionaries. Read here about the Insiders Fund.


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