Our purpose is to make disciples by starting replicating and multiplying church planting movements. Our team has started more than 150 what we call Discovery Groups in less than two years, which many have evolved into house churches.

Church Planting can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. To us, our heart and passion is for people is to discover Jesus, follow Him with ALL of their life , to learn about their purpose as a disciple maker, and for people to gain vision to reach both their own communities and unreached people groups in their own city and around the world.

We have found that an effective way to make disciples who learn about their calling to make disciples happens more often when they have a community of people doing these things together. For us, this typically happens in homes because it has been more effective for us in reaching the community rather than bringing potential disciples to a traditional church outside a community.


There have been two vital ways that have been incredibly effective for us in church planting.

1. The most effective way we have planted churches inside a community or a certain people group is to have leaders from that community or people group do the church planting! We cannot overstate this enough. We didn’t see breakthrough in planting churches until we started empowering people from within the communities/people groups instead of trying to do the work ourselves. Cross cultural work is a major obstacle when it comes to church planting and an even bigger obstacle is realizing that there are others out there who can do the church planting better than us. The transition is humbling. The transition is difficult. The transition is vital!

2. Another key component was to build a multicultural team who work with our target people groups/communities. We call these team members Insiders. Yes, it is going to take a considerable amount of time, effort, training, and resources to build a multicultural team. But when we as a ministry have tried to achieve success in church planting by taking short cuts and trying to build a ministry around “simplicity”, it left us ineffective. When it comes to church planting and reaching people, we were always taught to ask this important question: “What is it going to take?” And for us, the answer was building a multicultural team. That might sound overwhelming to some, but we know a lot of people are stuck when it comes to church planting. The temptation is, we get excited about church planting and we go recruit and train a lot of people thinking that is the way to plant a lot of churches, but we do not think about the most effective ways to plant churches. 

We do not have it all figured out. We constantly are learning from others and we have a desire for people to learn from our failures and successes for the purpose of reaching people. 

You can learn more about how we built our multicultural team by reading about our Insiders Fund.

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