Almost twenty years ago, my wife and I started a non-profit organization that aimed to help those in need. We have had the privilege to work with refugees, immigrants, trafficking victims, the poor, addicts, and really just about any outcast or fringe group you can think of. We have also been involved in loving, helping, and building relationships with those in the gay community. We have learned so much over this time, especially about the hardships so many people have to go through in this life. It has not only taught us perspective, but it has given us great empathy and compassion for all people, no matter who they are, no matter their background, and no matter where they come from. When we see or hear about hurting people, our souls are grieved. We attempt to feel the pain of others. Our heart is for all people to feel loved and cared for. It has created in us a passion to encourage people to love others. A passion to encourage people to give their lives to serving others. A passion to use our life to promote this message. Our non-profit continues and we wanted to come up with a way to spread this message to others and to support and grow the work that we are doing.

100% of all proceeds goes to the work of our non-profit Loving All Peoples, which is an organization that loves, serves, meets the needs, and reaches all people. Our work in the past, present, and future includes immigrants, refugees, LGBT community, HIV and hospice community, low-income communities, and trafficking victims. Help us by supporting Loving All Peoples. Thank you!