Melissa and I started the clothes closet because clothes were a very big need for the refugee families. Many refugee families come to America with almost nothing. We ran that clothes closet for almost 9 years. When refugee families would come to the clothes closet, they would always call it “The Store of Kyle” so that is what we started to call it as well. This is how we meet all of our refugees. We have a partnership with one of the main resettlement organizations in Dallas, and they send all of their refugees to us. It is really a great partnership because we are helping them with a big need, and we do not have to go out and find these families so that we can help them. They come straight to us. Also, by helping them and loving them, it creates an immediate trust between us and the families.

I love the clothes closet because the families who come have only been in America for a few days. We are the first non-agency people that they see. It’s really fun to love on them and make them feel welcome, which is so important. Can you just imagine coming to a new country with nothing and not knowing anyone? It’s important to let them know that they have friends, and that they will not go through this transition alone.

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